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Running From The SCP Foundation
Sin, that's what I had started calling it. It had been 30 days since it had downloaded onto my phone, less than a week since it had destroyed my phone. And yet, I could still see it. Clear as day whenever my eyes were open. It would talk to me but I can't understand it, but it does seem to be able to mostly understand me. No one else can see or hear it. Not because they choose not to or just ignore it. Only I'm able to see and hear it. And it is because of this that I'm running. From it? No… From them. The ones who call themselves the SCP foundation. You, yes you. No… Not you. You: the reader. You are probably thinking that this is ridiculous right now, so am I. You probably have no idea what is going on so I'll have to start from the beginning of this.
I was sitting in my room, reading the SCP-Wiki on my t
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Mature content
CHAPTER 10: The Apocalypse Begins :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 0 5
A Treasured Love (Sergal TF)
I sat there on the front porch of my 2 story, old house that I was renting. It wasn't that old, maybe about 50 years old or so, I dunno. It was a burgundy-ish color on the outside with a beautiful garden on both sides of the sidewalk that led directly to the driveway which was overlooked by the somewhat roomy garage. The place had that air about it that somewhat gave you an idea of what to expect from this house. The garden on the front of the house only added an air of wonder and mischief to the place, making you feel like a young child in a toystore. My name is Tristan Henry and I actually used to live in this house for a while. I have pale white skin, greyish-blue eyes, and very long dark brown hair; my hair is long enough to reach my back. I am about 5'9” tall, age 25 and am not very fit to say the least. I was wearing a black shirt and jeans on this fine, clear, warm fall afternoon in the shade of the few that grew in my grandmother's garden. As I sat there, I looked around
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Black (Pt 3)
Name: Wicendawyr but goes by the name of Black
Species: shadow dragon/demon/god of death
Demon species/varieties/types: all of them
Specialties: death magic, demon abilities, shadow abilities, interdimensional travel
Age: 564
Gender: male
Weapon of choice: Katana with a 9 foot long, black blade
Description: a black dragon with navy blue scutes, and red wing membranes, scythe blades coming out of where the bones end within the membrane, claws and 6 horns/cheek spikes, royal blue eyes that have a red pentagram in each eye, with a black mane that's made of fire and demonic ears. He's an anthro with an infinite toung and a scythe blade at the tip of his tail. He has a great muscular build but doesn't look like he spent a lifetime at the gym. He also has the dragon god of death sealed inside of his body and can access these powers but at the cost of his sanity.  He has many scars in his body spanning from his torso down to his ankles and he has a large scar going down, across his left
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Black (Pt 2) :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 0 1 Black (Pt 1) :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 0 1 Kyndra Brightfalling (Bio pt.2) :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 1 13
Kyndra Brightfalling (bio)
Name: Kyndra Brightfalling
Age: 25
Height: 35' 9" tall
Species: Dragon
Gender: Female
Eye color: Liquid gold
Abilities: fire breath and magic
Cup size: D
Bio: She's a very shy person but will stick up for the ones she loves, her friends and what's right. She is outgoing and willing to help her friends if they need it. Tho her massive size does restrict what she can do, that won't stop her from trying. Although she dislikes violence, she will kill if it is the only option.
Markings: the ancient Chinese symbol for fire on her right shoulder and a birth mark on the shape of a butterfly on the back of her lower right calf.
Body description: brilliant white scales with hot pink scutes, 4 pink horn on her head with fin ears on the sides of her head, a long sword-like blade at the tip of her tail, a luscious silver mane running to her tail blade, liquid gold eyes (still with slits), a modest muscular build, still slender but slightly muscular
Magic type: life, elemental, growth
History: Her p
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Mature content
CHAPTHER 9: A REUNION SET IN BLOOD :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 0 0
Mature content
CHAPTER 8: THE SECRET REVEALED :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 0 0
When the light disappeared, Gogeta was standing there as a super saiyan god super saiyan. He lunged at me fast enough that I almost couldn’t block his attack, the shockwave creating a football stadium sized crater. We quickly and rapidly exchanged punches, blocking some and getting hit by others, each blow powerful enough to make the clouds disperse. I didn’t even see it coming. He backed up before looking at me, then lunged at me, landing several hard blows to my chest and abdomen before kicking me a few times then landing with his back to me. Turning around, he raised his right hand with his palm to the sky as a bright ball of rainbow colored energy before it shrinked and he grasped it in his hand before throwing it at me. Instead of it disintegrating me it exploded against my abdomen sending me flying through several mountains. I stopped myself after a minute of flight, caught my breath before Gogeta appeared in front of me. He must have used instant transmission.
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The following is a non profit fan based parody. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super are all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriyama. Please support the following story.
I scowled and walked off as Zilla stood there for a minute before following me as I went to the armory and looked at their weapons. They didn’t have what I was looking for in terms of durability for the armor. Looks like I’ll be fighting without armor then. Oh well, gonna suck for the hierarchy. Decided to use my power to open a portal to the universe of Dragon Ball and looked for Goku. Before I found him, his friends came and stopped me.
“So this is the source of that sudden burst of energy we felt.” Gohan said, his power strong, but not as strong as mine.
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I stood there thinking on what to do before Zilla came up to me, his shoulder bandaged. Apparently he had turned to dodge but got stabbed in the shoulder.
“How you holding up?” he asked me.
“I'm hanging in there…” I replied solemnly.
“Listen… The council is having a meeting and they need you there. That mark on your back… Let's just say they’re not happy.”
“Tell them to blow me. I just lost my mate.” I replied in slight annoyance.
“Well I am afraid that you don't have a choice in the matter.” he said.
I sighed and replied with “Let's get this over with.”
We walked for about an hour before reaching what looked like courtroom. Great, more problems for me. They were all behind a white paper wall which had lights behind it, casting their shadows on the paper, but I felt their gazes burning into my soul nonetheless.
“You there, what is your name?” one of them asked, his voice like tha
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Mature content
CHAPTER 4: A MURDER AND A CHANGE? :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 0 0
We both froze at the spot, unaware of who or what might be on the other side of the door. I quietly crept over to the door, the air was heavy on me right now as I crept to the door, sweat dripping off of my face as I reached for the doorknob. A million thoughts ran through my head as to what was behind the door and none of them were good. I quietly grabbed the doorknob, slowly twisted it and the pulled open the door and once it was open enough it revealed that it was only Thunder and Zilla at the door.
“Everything alright?” Zilla asked with a concerned look on his face.
“Yeah. We’re fine. No need to worry.” I said with a sigh in relief.
“Alright, just checking up on you since it is both your first times here.” Zilla replied with a smile.
“Thanks, we appreciate the gesture.” I said while Zaytia came over, half dressed.
“Oh, and this is for you.” Zilla said, throwing a yu-gi-oh card to me as he walked off.
I caught it and
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“WELCOME TO DRAGONIA” Zilla said as me and Zyatia looked around in awe.
The portal closed off behind us as I remembered that I had locked my door. The landscape in front of us was lush with thick, ankle high grass, bushes and forestry surrounded the meadow that we were in. The sky was a great, vibrant, lively baby blue and the air here seemed lighter and was fresher here. Overlooking it all was a huge stone castle that seemed almost impenetrable as in front of it was a small village/town of sorts. We were lead by Zilla through the town, all of us looking at the various stands and shops all over. Man I wish I had my wallet.
“It’s amazing here” stated Zyatia in amazement as she looked at all the jewelry stands.
My instincts were telling me that he called us here for more than just festivities but me thinking I’m paranoid, I pushed the thoughts away and thought nothing of it. Oh how I wish i had listened to my instincts that day. As we approached the ga
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Farm Fresh Fursuit :iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 19 54 base :iconechowolfc:echowolfc 2 0 Kyndra :Commission: :iconp4nda3ater:P4nda3ater 4 1 SCP 682: Hard to Destroy Reptile :iconfudgarf:Fudgarf 310 46
A New Idea (TF Request)
    George yawned, opening his eyes. Once again, it was time to get up. He groaned, groggily dragging himself out of bed and getting into his work clothes. As he did, he glanced up into the mirror, seeing a pale, tired face staring back at him. The face of routine, not to mention boredom. Preparing himself for another long day, he sighed, making his way down the stairs towards the breakfast table.
    As he walked into the kitchen, however, he was greeted with a welcoming sight: his wife Rosa, sitting at the table eating a piece of toast. She was one of the few highlights of his life, and seeing her always brought a smile to his face. “Hey, Honey,” he said, sitting down next to her. “How are you doing?”
    Rosa grinned. “I’m doing great, actually!” she said. George smiled. That was one of his favorite things about her: her unwavering positivity. It seemed that no matter what dull situation the two o
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First Sergal :iconbrome-featherkey:Brome-Featherkey 3 1 Zburator :icondracowolf102:Dracowolf102 7 7 Comm. for Tempy :iconarbrecent:Arbrecent 35 13 strong tiger dude :iconbeep0:BEEP0 2 3 Alucard :iconiceman-3567:iceman-3567 311 126 Anti-Predator Device :iconrikkoshaye:Rikkoshaye 11 4
TFS DBZA Bald This Way -Full-
-Bald This Way-
Nappa: I doesn't matter if you love me... or capital M-E. Just put your shiney heads up... 'cause you are bald this way baby.
My momma told me when I was young,
"You're gonna roam the stars!"
She combed my tail, but my armor on
And sent me off in my space pod
Krillin: All you need to do is shave your hair
Then wax that bitch untill it shines
Who gives a crap if all the children stare
Just listen up and you'll be fine
Nappa:I'm beautiful in my way
Kami makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I am bald this way!
Krillin: Don't hide yourself in regret
Just power up and you're set
We're on the right track baby
'Cause we're bald this way! (Bald this way!)
Ginyu (to replace Tien): Ooh there ain't no other way
Baby i was bald this way
Baby i was bald this way! (Bald this way!)
Chiaotzu: Ooh there ain't no other way
Baby i was Bald this way
Nappa: Right track baby
We were bald this way!
Burter: Don't let it drag
just let it gleam
Guldo: Don't let it drag
just let it glea
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I'm Haunting you :icon42dannybob:42Dannybob 77 18
Mature content
The Dragon in Me - Chapter 1 :icondominio95:Dominio95 26 26
Dragonia Peak :iconnarandel:Narandel 280 15 A different perspective of view :icondanywolf:DanyWolf 19 9



I'm thinking about possibly doing commissions to write people stories or something. I dunno... I'm just bored and want to write but can't think of anything good.

Sin, that's what I had started calling it. It had been 30 days since it had downloaded onto my phone, less than a week since it had destroyed my phone. And yet, I could still see it. Clear as day whenever my eyes were open. It would talk to me but I can't understand it, but it does seem to be able to mostly understand me. No one else can see or hear it. Not because they choose not to or just ignore it. Only I'm able to see and hear it. And it is because of this that I'm running. From it? No… From them. The ones who call themselves the SCP foundation. You, yes you. No… Not you. You: the reader. You are probably thinking that this is ridiculous right now, so am I. You probably have no idea what is going on so I'll have to start from the beginning of this.


I was sitting in my room, reading the SCP-Wiki on my tablet. I'm a white-ish, I'm pale white in skin color and look like a white person but I'm actually Asian, male, 5’ 8” tall, age 18, mid back length black hair, well toned (muscled), with green eyes. I was currently wearing a black shirt and some baggy jeans. As I was going through the website, my phone dinged telling me that I had received an email. I awoke my phone and checked the e-mail. It was from my app store. I opened it and looked at the link. I read the e-mail and seen nothing wrong with it. It was a link to an app called MalO Ver. 1.0.0. I clicked the link and instead of being taken to the webstore, the app instantly started to download. The e-mail said it was the free app of the week so i didn't have to worry about my account balance. The app was rather quick to download. I kinda just shrugged it off and went back to looking through the wiki on my tablet. I came across SCP-1471 on the wiki, it saying that it was malware sent to a person via e-mail. It said that it would send random photos to a person on where they were once before and would start sending more recent photos until it was real-time photos  to the person across a 90 hour time-span. The wiki also said that in each photo, either in the foreground or background, would be a a large humanoid figure with a canid-like skull and black hair. And, as if on cue, my phone received a text message from an unknown number. It was a photo of a house i used to live in when i was younger when i was living in Washington, and the creature that was depicted in the wiki was in one of the windows. I was a bit nervous by this, considering that A: SCPs aren't supposed to exist, and B: this was now happening to me. The only upside to this scenario was that there was only 1 recorded attack by 1471 and the person lived too. Now there was 2 problems now. 1: it would only be a matter of time till the foundation came for me, if they even DO exist but since this is happening… 2: if i managed to live my life without being caught, I'd have 1471 on me my whole life. I texted the number back, asking why he/she/it chose me. I figured it wouldn't answer for a while so i deleted the number from my recent messages list and went on Youtube on my tablet.

90 hours later:

I've been receiving pictures of the creature next to me non-stop now, so i have my phone on vibrate. I'll check my phone every few minutes to look at what it sent, only for it to be another photo of me with IT somewhere in there. I've also started seeing it out of the corner of my eye or quick glances at it in the mirror. I dunno, i might be going crazy. I've also noticed this strange black van that keeps driving by my house every few hours. I know it's them and i think they know it too. I send another text to IT. “What do you want?” I ask it. No response, just pictures. Sometimes i swear i can feel a clawed hand on my body sometimes, or something breathe on me, but see nothing. I know IT is there, i just can't see it. I don't ignore it either. I know it is there and nothing can change that, so it’s life as normal for me.

End of week 1:

I can clearly see IT now. It’s even tried to talk to me. I hear it but it is in an unknown language. It seems to be able to vaguely understand me at least. I might try to teach it English. I went to work, it seemed to be only focused on me. As if it always lived in this world. Maybe it did and knew about all the technologies. I tried to talk to it but it only stared at me with its blank, white eyes in my rear-view-mirror. Apparently it only talked when it felt like it. My days are actually fairly normal, honestly. I fear the foundation might come after me. I was right… I was on my way home when a few vans like the one that circles my house surrounded me. I work in the city, you see, so anyone could go missing. These vans directed me down a wide alleyway and some men in black outfits got out and approached my car and some soldiers came out the back of the vans and surrounded my car, weapons trained on me. I looked at them and they were wearing what looks like riot gear but no badges on them to signify rank or anything. There was a patch on their shoulders, it was the SCP symbol. Great… Either I'm gonna die, or become another experiment. IT was frantically thrashing and screaming in the back of my car. I didn't need to understand it to know that it wanted to get the hell out of here, honestly, so did I but i didn't want to die...


Now, here i am. I don't regret running those soldiers over when i drove away. But i did get shot in the arm in the progress though. It hurts like a bitch but i managed to stop the bleeding quickly afterwards. I've stuck to wearing a mask when I'm going into a public place since my face is all over the internet and TV. I managed to teach Sin to speak some basic English. It helps too, considering that he has become more talkative recently. It isn't by much but he will try to make small talk sometimes. I'll converse with him when i can but his stare is still as unnerving as ever, but I've learned to deal with it. There is one phrase i keep hearing it say once in awhile. It goes along the lines of “You are 1…” I have no idea what it means but i hope it isn't anything bad. I decided to stop at a local Subway for food as I was feeling rather hungry. I ordered a meatball marinara sub, wearing a halloween mask to hide my identity. Within a few minutes the brought me the sub and I paid via cash. I got my food and started walking down the street. I’m not sure if I was just paranoid but it felt like everyone around me was staring at me. I took of the mask and sped up walking. I then felt Sin put one of his clawed hands on my shoulder. I turned to look at it and it pointed to a few suspicious men in black suits investigating the car I was recently driving. Welp… There goes my ride. I nodded at Sin in thanks and kept walking with the crowd. I kept walking till I came across a bench and sat down and started to eat my sandwich, still warm. I couldn’t stay for long and moved on after finishing my sandwich. It would be getting dark soon and I needed a place to stay. I had to find a place to stay for the night.
Running From The SCP Foundation
Part 1 i guess in a mini series I'm making for SCP stuff. This is my first ever SCP story and please comment anything that you see missing or should be corrected. Also, leave a comment on your thoughts of what should happen next, I'd like to see your input. Also I'd like your thoughts on this so far. Your feedback is welcome but please don't be a superdouche if you hate/dislike anything SCP related. I might continue this, i don't know... I'm kinda at a block right now and don't know when I'll come out. Till then, I'll catch ya later.

~ Your ruler of the multiverse, Black

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I cradled Iota in my arms as I searched the entire place for anyone, only to find that me and Iota were the only ones there. I decided to head for the entrance, hearing someone shouting as I got closer. When I reached the entrance, I saw the outside and immediately thought that I was in some bizarre nightmare. The sky was covered in very dark clouds and ash fell from the sky but there was no mushroom cloud in sight and I sensed no radiation nearby so that means a nuke didn’t go off. I turned my attention to the group, it was small surprisingly. Did some people leave or was this clan always this small? There was a yellow and black quad dragon flying above everyone shouting orders.


At that moment, my mother and sister came over and hugged me.

“Thank the gods you’re okay. You passed out about a week ago and had feared the worst.” My sister exclaimed, scared.

“We’re glad you’re awake now. This planet has turned to hell in your absence.” My mother said, looking directly at me.

“I can see that…” I said, at a loss for words as I looked around.

“We better move, or else we get left behind.” My mom said as the group seemed to be flying away.

My mom and sister both took flight, flapping their wings to catch up while I just used my energy to lift myself up without using my wings before flying towards the group at a fast speed. My mom and sister were a tad behind when I caught up with the group but they quickly closed that distance. My mom and sister seemed perplexed that I was flying without the use of wings.

“How are you staying up like that?” My sister asked.

“I learned to use an energy called ki and I use it to fly.” I said as I flew with the group, my mom and sister keeping up.

“Is that so? You’ll have to teach us to do that when you have time.” My mother said.

“Sure, but one thing first. What happened to the earth?” I asked, looking at them.

As we were flying, my mom and sister explained that while I was asleep, my brother’s dead body rose and began to eat anyone it saw, almost as if it was on autopilot and running on just basic instincts.

“And so the disease spread where he went?” I asked, still flying with them at the back of the group.

“Yes, we don’t know what caused this to happen.” She replied.

“So, the dead have risen and you don’t know any way to stop it?” I asked, looking back at the group to see we were lagging behind a bit.

“Well a hard blow to the head seems to take them out pretty easily.” My sister said.

“Alright; we should catch up now.” I said speeding up to the group, as did my mom and sister.

As we flew, we came across cities that were once prosperous but was now in ruined. It was as if a nuke was detonated in the city. I could see people slowly shuffling about. We kept flying for what felt like hours, Iota riding on my back now as I flew with the group. We soon approached a flat, open area deep in a forest where we landed for some rest. While we were there, I had an idea.

“I’ll be right back.” I said, setting down Iota and teleporting to a military base.

I ran all over looking for the armory. After about an hour of searching, I found the place and broke the door down, grabbing a duffel bag and grabbing all the weapons I could. From grenades, all the way to rocket launchers. Everything was up for grabs. After about 30 minutes of looting and 25 full duffle bags later, I was finished and teleported back to everyone with the weapons. Everyone looked in my direction with expressions of shock and curiosity. The people who was most shocked were my mom and sister.

“Where did you get all those?” My mom asked me in deep concern.

“I stole them from a military base we passed on the way here. No big deal.” I replied.

“Why did you steal them?” My sister asked, confused.

“Because, none of you may know how to use a gun, but I do and I’m not going to let anyone die from the undead. And if dragonia is your destination then all you have to do is ask.” I say, holding up the necklaces I got from dragonia.

Everyone looked at it but before I could open the portal, undead started to come out of the treeline, encircling us and virtually trapping us. I didn’t even think, I just reached into a random bag and pulled out a grenade, pulling the pin and throwing it deep into the forest, the explosion small but loud; the only problem was that they were still drawn to us and still coming closer. I didn’t even think, I opened a portal to dragonia and tossed Iota, my mother, and my sister into the portal before closing it. At this point I pulled out a heavy mg and started to shoot the zombies, mainly aiming for the heads. After about thirty seconds I gave up, tossing the gun down, grabbing the ammo bags and opening a portal. Before I went through, I looked at everyone and saw that they all were dead. So I just went through the portal, immediately closing it behind me. I was covered in blood and bodily bits from the zombies I shot up combined with the bits flung onto me from the feast the undead had on the group. And now, I’m back where all this started; Dragonia. My mother and sister both looked at me in shock, probably scared from the recent events; Iota was curled up, shaking and crying.

“What do we do now?” My mother asked as my sister was trying to comfort Iota and calm him down.

“We get you to my friends, then I’m gonna go back to earth and deal with all of that.” I said looking at my mother.

My sister picked up Iota and stood up along with my mother. We flew our way to the castle with me in the lead, arriving in less than thirty minutes. As we flew there, I couldn’t help but feel that me killing my father and brother had something to do with this, but it would all be over soon. We landed in the courtyard and I was instantly met with hostility. The front guards pointed their spears and sword at me and surrounded me and my family. I wasn’t looking for a fight so I put my hands up on my head and got on my knees, quietly gesturing for my mother and sister to do the same. Before they could, a familiar voice told them to stand down. They lowered their weapons and the guards departed at the door to let Zilla through.

“Black, you’re back so soon? And why are you all bloody?” Zilla asked, perplexed at my reappearance.

“Yes I’m back, I thought I would bring my family with me. As to why I’m so bloody, well… That’s a long story for later.” I said as I stood up.

As I looked around, I noticed everyone had come over but there was someone new. It was an ordinary looking nightfury and it was acting shy, hiding behind Volt.

“Who is the new person?” I asked, gesturing towards the nightfury.

“My friend; her name is Obsidain. I grabbed her from the earth a few minutes ago.” Volt said, looking back at her with a soft smile.

“How could that be? I was just on earth a few minutes ago and it… It was a living hell out there. The dead have risen and… Zilla, I fear your brother might be among the deceased now and have become one of the undead.” I said, clenching my fist.

“Then that must mean that earth has shorter times than earth.” Thunder implied, a bit shocked though to what I said.

In fact, everyone who heard what I said was in shock; excluding my mother, sister, and Iota.

“Well, at least you made it back to enjoy the festivities.” Zilla said, trying to lighten the mood as guards escorted my mom, sister, and Iota to the safety of the castle.

I nodded and looked around some more before screams could be heard in the village at the base of the castle grounds. Without hesitation we ran to the village to see that there was blood and dead bodies everywhere and there was something feeding on them. It was a gryphon but when it turned around and revealed those same blank, empty, whited out eyes as the things that were on earth, I knew immediately what it was. I pulled a desert eagle out of one of the bags and began to unload its clip into the undead gryphon’s head. I pulled out another gun and quickly shot the heads of the dead bodies it left. Soon finishing up by teleporting the bodies into deep space. There were probably people who were bitten but got away, we would have to act fast so that we could take care of their “problem.”

“Black, what the hell was that?” Arthur asked, in a bit of shock at what happened.

“It was one of the undead. It must’ve been flung through the portal when I opened it on top of the creature.” I said, looking around

“What should we do now?” Power asked, a bit perplexed that that even happened.

“I need to find anyone that might’ve been bitten and do what I can for them.” I said, looking around, people starting to cautiously walk out from hiding.

“How do you plan on doing that?” Draco asked me.

“I’ll smell for anyone that has been bitten, while also using my power to find them as well.” I said, looking around.

I stood up and closed my eyes and began to concentrate on the energy of the undead, scanning the entire village. I thankfully couldn’t find anyone bitten which saved me a lot of time. I spent a few minutes using my powers to clean up the blood and fix anything that was broken. Nothing hard as it took me only about ten minutes to do in total. We headed back to the castle where I went to my room and got cleaned up. I put my dirty clothes in a bin and went into my closet and pulled out a black shirt and jeans and put my jeans on first. Before I could put my shirt on, I heard a knock at my door.

“I’m coming, give me a moment please.” I said before setting my shirt on the bed and went over and opened the door.

When I opened the door I saw the female nightfury standing there, looking very shy. She looked up at me and I saw her visibly blush.

“Is something on your mind?” I asked, peeking out into the hallway, looking around to see that we were alone.

“C-Can I come in?” She asked timidly.

“Oh… Yeah, sure. Come on in.” I said, opening my door all the way and stepping aside to let her in.

As she walked in, I felt something wash over me. A feeling I thought was lost to me forever. As I stood there, something in my mind clicked and I realized that I had felt this when I first met Zyatia. It was weird, I don’t even know this woman yet I am in love with her. At this point I was able to get a good look at her. She was like any ordinary night fury only anthro in stance. Her body was an elegant hourglass shape, her hips wide but not too wide as to make her look like a balloon. Her ample breasts complimented by her timid complexion. And her face, she had a gaze that could sate the fires of hell itself. She was absolutely beautiful and she smelled of nectar from the gods. I was stunned that a creature like this could exist. I continued to watch her as she sat on my bed, looking around my room in awe and wonder.

“Obsidain, is it?” I asked as I closed my door and sat next to her.

She shyly nodded and looked at me.

“That’s a beautiful name.” I said, smiling a bit.

“Th-thank you… W-What’s your name?” She said shyly.

“My true name or my current one?” I asked jokingly with a chuckle which got her to giggle.

“Let’s go with your current name.” She said sheepishly, a small smile on her face.

“Well, the name I currently go by is Black.” I said with a bit of thought.

“Why is that?” She asked me curiously.

“Well…” I thought for a second. “Cause that’s what my friends call me.” I responded.

“Is that so?” She said.

“Yeah. I guess they call me that because of the color of my scales.” I said nervously.

“Well, names aside, you’re a very handsome dragon.” She said, leaning in.

“Well… I… Thank you…” I said sheepishly with a blush which enticed a giggle from her.

I looked at her and I could tell she was looking at my body which caused me to blush even more.

“Hey, Black?” She asked.

“Yes?” I responded.

“Do you think I…” She visibly blushed, her face turning red. “Do you think I could snuggle with you tonight?” She finally asked.

“Oh… Ummm… Sure. Why not?” I said, my face feeling really hot.

“Thanks.” She replied with a soft smile, her face completely red.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully, before I knew it it was dark. I was tired and went to my room to find Obsidain in my room, sitting on my bed. I shrugged my shoulders and went into the bathroom and got undressed, walking out of the bathroom wearing nothing. What? I’m a freggin dragon. Not like there is anything to see down there. I looked over at Obsidain and saw that her face was a bright red. I smiled a bit and got into my bed and covered up before lying down, facing Obsidain. I watched her get under the covers with me before she too laid down. She then snuggled against my chest and began to purr. The feeling of her warm body against mine brought back memories of Zyatia. I couldn’t help but hold Obsidain close to my body protectively, me purring as well. We laid there for a while before Obsidain started to act strangely, trying to get frisky with me. I tried to stop her, and myself, but the feeling was too good and I was very stressed out. A little fun might not be so bad. That night me and Obsidain realized our passion for each other and on that night, magic was in the air in my room. The next morning I woke up on my back, Obsidain laying next to me. She was snuggling my body with her head resting on my chest. It was very cute to say the least. I just hope we weren’t too loud last night. I looked at her, most of her was either covered in blanket or snuggled against me. She is a beautiful night fury, my beautiful night fury. It was at this moment that there was a knock at the door which brought me back to reality. I looked at the door and wondered who it could be......

CHAPTER 10: The Apocalypse Begins
Chapter 10. Zyatia is dead, but now a new female has appeared. A nightfury named Obsidain. What is going to happen to the group and will the earth ever be the same? Find out next time so stay tuned.

Character Obsidain belongs to :iconobsidianthenightfury:

I sat there on the front porch of my 2 story, old house that I was renting. It wasn't that old, maybe about 50 years old or so, I dunno. It was a burgundy-ish color on the outside with a beautiful garden on both sides of the sidewalk that led directly to the driveway which was overlooked by the somewhat roomy garage. The place had that air about it that somewhat gave you an idea of what to expect from this house. The garden on the front of the house only added an air of wonder and mischief to the place, making you feel like a young child in a toystore. My name is Tristan Henry and I actually used to live in this house for a while. I have pale white skin, greyish-blue eyes, and very long dark brown hair; my hair is long enough to reach my back. I am about 5'9” tall, age 25 and am not very fit to say the least. I was wearing a black shirt and jeans on this fine, clear, warm fall afternoon in the shade of the few that grew in my grandmother's garden. As I sat there, I looked around the cul de sac at my neighbors. It has been almost 9 years now since the anthros, as they are called, entered our society. Most of my neighbors consisted of foxes, wolves, dragons, etc. But, there was one who stood out the most and I secretly have a crush on her. She is a pink and white sergal who mostly stayed inside due to her over shyness but she is a very sweet woman and very beautiful nonetheless. She didn’t have big breasts or a big butt, and I didn’t care. She was beautiful in my eyes and that’s what mattered the most. She lived alone and would often come over to my house during stormy nights. During these times that we would lay there together in bed, I would feel her heartbeat against my chest and I would try to soothe her by rubbing her head softly and using a quiet, soft voice to say things to her to calm down. As I watched her, I felt my heart flutter every time she looked over at me. I sat there and decided that I would go talk to her, so I got up and went over to her house and stopped at her driveway. When I got there and looked at me and smiled and walked over to me.

“Tristan, what are you doing here?” She said before hugging me.

“I thought I’d come over and visit.” I said, smiling and hugging her back.

She smiled and pulled back, her claws gently rested on my shoulders.

“Well, why don’t you come on in?” She asked, gesturing towards her house.

“Sure, I’d be happy to.” I said.

She walked up to her house, me walking behind her, her opening her door and entering, holding the door open for me. I smile and walk into her house, revealing a spacious living room with a coffee table in front of a couch which faces a large TV. On the coffee table was two small sergal statues which each held a photo and in each photo was a group of sergals which I could only assume were either family or friends but family was the most reasonable one nagging at the back of my head.

“Sit on the couch, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.” She said before taking off upstairs which were right in between the door, living room, hallway, and kitchen.

I sat there and looked around, the house smelling like cinnamon. I sat there deep in thought for a few minutes before she came running back down stairs, holding a small box in her claws. Did I mention that she had denounced her sergal name and changed it to a more human name; it’s Carmen. As she approached me, I could tell she was very nervous about something.

“H-here… th-this is is f-for you.” She said, nervously handing me the box.

I gently took it and opened it, revealing a necklace with a silver sergal head. As I pulled it out I found a note under the pillow and took it out and read it. All the note said was “I love you.~” I looked at Carmen and I seen a thin blush through her thick fur and I felt flush as my cheeks warmed up as the blood rushed up into them. Without even thinking I just stood up and hugged her tight enough that her body was pressed tightly against mine.

“I love you too.” I softly whispered into her ear.

I could feel her purring against my chest and I smiled before stepping back and putting the necklace on.

“Thank you, Carmen. I love your gift.” I said, the sergal head having some weight to it but not a lot of weight since it was about the size of a nickel.

“You’re welcome.” She replied, her face lighting up in a smile.

Unbeknownst to the both of us, the pendant slowly released its curse onto my body which would cause my life to change forever. I stayed at her house till dark, discussing about each other and what not, at which I said my goodbyes and left for home. When I got inside I made myself dinner and ate, used the bathroom, and went into my room. I removed the necklace and set it on the nightstand next to my bed, got undressed and put on some sweatpants and went to bed. My dream that night was strange; I was in a city, but none that ever existed on earth. For some reason I knew that I wasn’t on earth at all. For some reason the names “Rain” and “Vilous” echoed in the back of my head. I looked around the streets to see sergals all around me. I looked at myself and gasped to see I was covered in black fur. I felt my face only to find that I had a pointed, shark-like, muzzle. I was a sergal, but how? I felt someone tap my shoulder so I turned around only to be stabbed at which I jolted up right from my sleep, breathing fast and hard and sweating immensely. I looked outside and say that it was early morning. I looked myself over and felt my body to find that to my relief I was still human. I looked at the necklace to see that it had a whitish glow to it. I reached out to grab it but a jolt of electricity ran up my finger, along with the glow, and the necklace stopped glowing but now my right hand was hurting, a lot. Funny thing though, the pain subsided within a few minutes. I sat there looking between the necklace and my hand, at a loss for words and unable to wrap my head around what just happened.

“I think I’m going crazy.” I said, honestly believing it too.

I got up and got dressed. I decided to walk down to the local Safeway and pick up a few things. The whole way there my back itched like nothing else but just ignored it to the best of my ability. When I walked in the door I was greeted with the natural “Safeway” smell. I walked back to the bakery are to buy bread but I was finding it hard to ignore the itching sensation that was spreading through my back, bringing with it a strange sensation that felt like I was wearing multiple shirts under the one I was wearing. I got the strangest feeling that I was being stared at and looked around to see everyone looking at me. I didn’t understand what they were looking at till I felt the itching sensation reach my right arm. I looked at it and to my horror found black fur slowly growing down my arm, stopping just short of my wrist. I looked at my left arm to see that it too was undergoing the same change. I felt the itching sensation stop at the base of my neck and travel down my legs but stop at my ankles. I was shocked and horrified and felt like screaming. On instinct I just started running. I ran out of the store and didn’t stop till I reached my house. I opened the door and ran into the bathroom and removed my shirt to see that my entire body was covered in fur. The fur on my chest and stomach was a navy blue in color. What the hell is going on? My thoughts were interrupted by a knocking at the door. I went over to the door and looked through the peephole and saw that it was Carmen. I opened the door enough so I could stick my head out and look at her.

“Carmen, what brings you here?” I asked, curious.

“I came to see you. Can I come in?” She asked, trying to look at the rest of me.

“Yeah, Let me just get a shirt on real quick.” I said, gently closing the door and running upstairs and putting a black longsleeve shirt on before running back down and opening the door and letting her in.

She slowly stepped in and looked around, going to the living room and sitting on the couch. I closed the door and joined her. She looked at me and sniffed the air. I visibly got nervous about this and shifted in my seat.

“Can you please remove your shirt?” She asked, a look of curiosity on her face.

I felt my face get hot but I hesitantly removed my shirt to reveal my fur covered body.

“How much of your body is covered in this?” She said, it having taken her a moment to process what she is seeing.

“I covers my torso, arms and legs. My head, hands and feet have yet to change.” I said nervously.

I suddenly felt a pain in my chest as my ribcage got bigger along with my heart and lungs, the pain shifting to my gut as my organs grew and shifted, but the pain soon covered my whole torso as my excess body mass seemed to literally recede, my muscles growing out and becoming more defined. When the pain subsided, I looked myself over and saw that my humanity was slipping away before my very eyes. I looked at Carmen and saw that she was staring at my new body and was blushing some but directed her attention back at me.

“I think it would be safe if you stayed with me for a while.” She said, a look of seriousness on her face.

I nodded and stood up to go get a bag to pack but before I could walk a full step, my legs gave out as an excruciating pain just blasted into them. Carmen quickly came over and removed my shoes and pants, leaving me in just my underwear. I looked on in horror as the fur covered my feet. My smallest toe fused with the one next to it on each foot and my big toe migrated to the middle of my foot and lengthen as my ankle started to pull back and elongate my foot, my legs taking on a more digitigrade stance as my toenails fell off and long, bright red claws grew out of each toe. The whole thing was excruciating as each time a bone shifted it made sickening snapping sounds; I almost passed out from the pain too. The change didn’t stop there either as the pain quickly shot up into my spine, more specifically, my tailbone area. It felt like someone was pulling on it as it grew out several feet and became covered in fur with a tuft of fur at the tip of my tail. The pain then moved to my hands as they too became covered in fur. My pinky fingers and ring fingers fused as all of my fingers elongated somewhat, pawpads growing on my hands and feet. My fingernails then fell off before long red claws grew out of my finger tips. The pain then shot up to my neck as it elongated by a several inches. The fur then proceeded to cover my face, my ears changing to be like that of a sergal as my hair grew and became more of a mane. My face hurt as it started to push out, my nose fusing with my upper jaw, my new muzzle growing a few inches out. It looked rather like it belonged on a shark. My teeth painfully fell out as razor sharp fangs pushed their way in, my tongue growing in length immensely but easily kinda folded up so it would fit in my mouth. I stuck it out a few times to test and it was all there, my tongue taking on a neon blue color and getting a sight glow to it. My eyes then began to sting as the bone shifted, moving my eyes somewhat to the side of my head as my eyes changed to red. I then felt different new connections firing off in my head for a brief moment before fading to the back of my mind and with that I just passed out on the floor. I woke up, who know how much later, to find that I was in my bed. It was nighttime outside and I mentally sighed, thinking it was just another dream. I tried to get up but fell right back onto my bed. I was curious and thought about standing on the balls of my feet. So I got up but instead of using all of my foot, I only stood on the balls of my feet and I didn't fall. I was confused by this but had to use the bathroom. So I went into my bathroom and turned on the light. I looked in the mirror and what stared back wasn’t human, but a very tall, and handsome mind you, black sergal. I blinked confuted as it took me a moment to register what just was happening. Only when my mind caught up with me, realizing that earlier events weren’t in fact a dream and that I am in fact a sergal now, was I able to scream. It was loud enough that I wouldn't be surprised if I woke my neighborhood up. Carmen quickly dashed into the bathroom and looked at me in concern. Was she sleeping with me just now?

“Are you alright?” She asked in concern.

“Am I okay? LOOK AT ME!” I said in fear and shock.

“What’s wrong with how you look?” She said, tilting her head.

“I… I’m supposed to be human and… I’m a freakin’ sergal.” I said in a panic.

“Tristan, just calm down and breathe.” She said, pleading.

“Calm down? CALM DOWN? Yesterday I was human and now I’m a gods damn sergal and you expect me to be calm?” I said, still panicking.

“I said calm down!” She yelled and with that she slapped me across the face, bringing me back back to my senses.

I looked at her, wanting answers and she could tell.

“I’ll answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.” She said walking back into the bedroom.

I tried to use the toilet, like I had intended but found it rather hard with my new… equipment. Though after using the bathroom I tried to wash my hands; no paws, claws? Anyways, after I finished up in the bathroom, I went and sat on my bed, my tail twitching annoyingly. The biggest question that rang in my head was:

“How did this happen?”

The necklace I gave you. It reacted to you.” She replied which gave me more questions than answers.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused still.

“The necklace is a cursed family heirloom and it only reacts to those who have a sergal spirit within them and it changes their body to a form that matches their spirit.” She said, looking away.

Now that answered most, if not all of my questions. I guess it somehow made sense. I never did feel like I was ever human. I felt like I was something else entirely and this body felt like home to me. I kinda smiled and looked at her.

“So it turns people into their true form?” I asked, a bit curious.

“Yes. It’s rather easy to understand, isn’t it?” She said.

I nodded and hugged her, One thing running through my mind right now.

“Carmen?” I whispered into her ear.

“Yes?” She replied.

“Will… Will you be my mate?” I asked a bit nervously.

She looked me dead in the eyes and I thought I did something wrong but rather than getting upset she hugged me tightly and started to sniffle.

“Yes… Yes I will. I would love to be your mate.” She exclaimed.

I smiled and hugged her tightly.


It has currently been 3 years since that fateful day. Me and Carmen have 3 beautiful children and to this day, I don’t regret my decision to be with her. I lost lots of friends and gained many new ones. But no matter what happened, Carmen stood by my side through it all. I love her so much and nothing will ever separate us.


A Treasured Love (Sergal TF)
A little story I made for your enjoyment. FIRST PROPER SERGAL TF STORY!!! Leave a like and tell me what you think of the story. 

I'm thinking about possibly doing commissions to write people stories or something. I dunno... I'm just bored and want to write but can't think of anything good.


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