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Jack (Now) by BlackDragon-Assassin Jack (Now) :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 1 0 Jack (Pre-corruption) by BlackDragon-Assassin Jack (Pre-corruption) :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 1 0 Lydia by BlackDragon-Assassin Lydia :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 1 0 Battle Dragon Kyndra by BlackDragon-Assassin Battle Dragon Kyndra :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 4 2 Battle Dragon Form (me) by BlackDragon-Assassin Battle Dragon Form (me) :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 1 0 Old Black by BlackDragon-Assassin Old Black :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 1 4 Wolf Kyndra by BlackDragon-Assassin Wolf Kyndra :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 0 1 Wolf Black by BlackDragon-Assassin Wolf Black :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 0 0 Hierarchy Black by BlackDragon-Assassin Hierarchy Black :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 2 0 Black True Feral Form by BlackDragon-Assassin Black True Feral Form :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 1 0
Running from the SCP Foundation pt. 2
I decided on an abandoned building. It was run-down looking and had boarded up windows. The walls had obviously suffered from age as the place seemed to creak. It was dark and I had no source of light. I stumbled around before feeling Sin pull at the back of my mind, urging me to turn left. I decided to listen and go left. Either it was leading me to my imminent death, or a safe place for respite, it didn’t matter as it could most likely see in the dark while I obviously couldn’t. I found myself in an open room and collapsed from exhaustion and blood loss. I’d need medical attention after this sleeping here. I needed medical attention anyhow since I was shot but I was sure to contract tetanus in this place or some kind of infection. Due to my exhaustion, sleep came relatively easy for me. As I slept there, my dreams were haunted by nothing but darkness and those white, beady eyes of Sin. I was used to most of his gimmicks but the dreams I had always disturbed me. Ther
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Kyndra by BlackDragon-Assassin Kyndra :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 3 0
Running From The SCP Foundation
Sin, that's what I had started calling it. It had been 30 days since it had downloaded onto my phone, less than a week since it had destroyed my phone. And yet, I could still see it. Clear as day whenever my eyes were open. It would talk to me but I can't understand it, but it does seem to be able to mostly understand me. No one else can see or hear it. Not because they choose not to or just ignore it. Only I'm able to see and hear it. And it is because of this that I'm running. From it? No… From them. The ones who call themselves the SCP foundation. You, yes you. No… Not you. You: the reader. You are probably thinking that this is ridiculous right now, so am I. You probably have no idea what is going on so I'll have to start from the beginning of this.
I was sitting in my room, reading the SCP-Wiki on my t
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Mature content
CHAPTER 10: The Apocalypse Begins :iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 0 5
A Treasured Love (Sergal TF)
I sat there on the front porch of my 2 story, old house that I was renting. It wasn't that old, maybe about 50 years old or so, I dunno. It was a burgundy-ish color on the outside with a beautiful garden on both sides of the sidewalk that led directly to the driveway which was overlooked by the somewhat roomy garage. The place had that air about it that somewhat gave you an idea of what to expect from this house. The garden on the front of the house only added an air of wonder and mischief to the place, making you feel like a young child in a toystore. My name is Tristan Henry and I actually used to live in this house for a while. I have pale white skin, greyish-blue eyes, and very long dark brown hair; my hair is long enough to reach my back. I am about 5'9” tall, age 25 and am not very fit to say the least. I was wearing a black shirt and jeans on this fine, clear, warm fall afternoon in the shade of the few that grew in my grandmother's garden. As I sat there, I looked around
:iconblackdragon-assassin:BlackDragon-Assassin 1 8
Black (Pt 3)
Name: Wicendawyr but goes by the name of Black
Species: shadow dragon/demon/god of death
Demon species/varieties/types: all of them
Specialties: death magic, demon abilities, shadow abilities, interdimensional travel
Age: 564
Gender: male
Weapon of choice: Katana with a 9 foot long, black blade
Description: a black dragon with navy blue scutes, and red wing membranes, scythe blades coming out of where the bones end within the membrane, claws and 6 horns/cheek spikes, royal blue eyes that have a red pentagram in each eye, with a black mane that's made of fire and demonic ears. He's an anthro with an infinite toung and a scythe blade at the tip of his tail. He has a great muscular build but doesn't look like he spent a lifetime at the gym. He also has the dragon god of death sealed inside of his body and can access these powers but at the cost of his sanity.  He has many scars in his body spanning from his torso down to his ankles and he has a large scar going down, across his left
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Create-a-Dragon Flash 2.0 by pidgepudge Create-a-Dragon Flash 2.0 :iconpidgepudge:pidgepudge 7,760 1,536 Farm Fresh Fursuit by Farm-Fresh Farm Fresh Fursuit :iconfarm-fresh:Farm-Fresh 20 56 base  by echowolfc base :iconechowolfc:echowolfc 2 0 Kyndra :Commission: by P4nda3ater Kyndra :Commission: :iconp4nda3ater:P4nda3ater 5 1 SCP 682: Hard to Destroy Reptile by Fudgarf SCP 682: Hard to Destroy Reptile :iconfudgarf:Fudgarf 311 46
A New Idea (TF Request)
    George yawned, opening his eyes. Once again, it was time to get up. He groaned, groggily dragging himself out of bed and getting into his work clothes. As he did, he glanced up into the mirror, seeing a pale, tired face staring back at him. The face of routine, not to mention boredom. Preparing himself for another long day, he sighed, making his way down the stairs towards the breakfast table.
    As he walked into the kitchen, however, he was greeted with a welcoming sight: his wife Rosa, sitting at the table eating a piece of toast. She was one of the few highlights of his life, and seeing her always brought a smile to his face. “Hey, Honey,” he said, sitting down next to her. “How are you doing?”
    Rosa grinned. “I’m doing great, actually!” she said. George smiled. That was one of his favorite things about her: her unwavering positivity. It seemed that no matter what dull situation the two o
:iconrobertdayson:RobertDayson 15 7
First Sergal by Brome-Featherkey First Sergal :iconbrome-featherkey:Brome-Featherkey 4 1 Zburator by Dracowolf102 Zburator :icondracowolf102:Dracowolf102 9 7 Comm. for Tempy by Arbrecent Comm. for Tempy :iconarbrecent:Arbrecent 35 13 strong tiger dude by BEEP0 strong tiger dude :iconbeep0:BEEP0 2 3 Alucard by iceman-3567 Alucard :iconiceman-3567:iceman-3567 315 126 Anti-Predator Device by Rikkoshaye Anti-Predator Device :iconrikkoshaye:Rikkoshaye 11 4
TFS DBZA Bald This Way -Full-
-Bald This Way-
Nappa: I doesn't matter if you love me... or capital M-E. Just put your shiney heads up... 'cause you are bald this way baby.
My momma told me when I was young,
"You're gonna roam the stars!"
She combed my tail, but my armor on
And sent me off in my space pod
Krillin: All you need to do is shave your hair
Then wax that bitch untill it shines
Who gives a crap if all the children stare
Just listen up and you'll be fine
Nappa:I'm beautiful in my way
Kami makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I am bald this way!
Krillin: Don't hide yourself in regret
Just power up and you're set
We're on the right track baby
'Cause we're bald this way! (Bald this way!)
Ginyu (to replace Tien): Ooh there ain't no other way
Baby i was bald this way
Baby i was bald this way! (Bald this way!)
Chiaotzu: Ooh there ain't no other way
Baby i was Bald this way
Nappa: Right track baby
We were bald this way!
Burter: Don't let it drag
just let it gleam
Guldo: Don't let it drag
just let it glea
:icon42dannybob:42Dannybob 38 33
I'm Haunting you by 42Dannybob I'm Haunting you :icon42dannybob:42Dannybob 78 18
Mature content
The Dragon in Me - Chapter 1 :icondominio95:Dominio95 26 26
Dragonia Peak by Narandel Dragonia Peak :iconnarandel:Narandel 280 15


I'm thinking about possibly doing commissions to write people stories or something. I dunno... I'm just bored and want to write but can't think of anything good.


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